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We are a team of professional specialists in the field of lawn creation and care. Our mission is to make your lawn perfect so that you can enjoy its beauty and comfort.

Green Lawns Company is a team of professional lawn creation and maintenance experts who are committed to the art and science of learning and improving in the field. Our company combines a wealth of experience, innovation and inspiration to transform ordinary areas into beautiful and well-kept lawns that bring joy and comfort to our customers.

Our Services

Making Lawns Making Lawns

Our team specializes in creating lawns of varying complexity to suit the needs of both private clients and commercial properties. Our experience and professional knowledge allow us to provide services of the highest quality.

Individual Design: Each lawn is unique, and we develop individual design projects, taking into account the characteristics of your site, climatic conditions and your wishes. We strive to create a lawn that suits your style and functional requirements.

Selecting Lawn Grass: We help you select the best type of lawn grass based on the soil and climate of your area. This guarantees a healthy and beautiful lawn for many years to come.

Site Preparation: We carry out the necessary work to prepare the site, including removing weeds, aerating the soil and improving its structure.

Sowing and Care: We professionally sow lawn grass and provide proper care including regular watering, fertilizing and pruning.

Installation of Lawn Coverings: If required, we also install lawn coverings, creating decorative elements and seating areas.

Maintenance, Maintenance: We provide lawn care and maintenance services to keep your lawn in excellent condition.


Lawn Care Green Lawns Company

We provide a full range of lawn care services to ensure your lawn's health, beauty and longevity. Our experience and close attention to detail allow us to keep lawns in optimal condition.

Regular Mowing: We carry out regular mowing of lawns using professional equipment. This includes setting the cutting height correctly and collecting the grass clippings.

Feeding: We develop individual fertilizing programs for lawns, taking into account their type and characteristics. This provides the necessary nutrition for healthy growth.

Soil Aeration: We aerate the soil, which helps improve root zone ventilation and promotes better absorption of water and nutrients.

Trimming: Our experts professionally trim lawn edges, creating clean, neat edges.

Weed Management: We monitor the health of your lawn and implement necessary weed control measures to keep it pristine.

Problem Solving: When problems arise such as diseases or pests, we provide expert solutions and treatments.

Lawn Maintenance: If you have lawn surfaces or decorative elements, we also take care of them, keeping them in good condition.

Lawn Projects Lawns Company

Every lawn is unique and requires a personalized approach to achieve the best results. Our lawn specialists create custom designs that take into account the climate and soil conditions of your site, as well as your personal wishes.

Custom Design: Our team begins with a thorough analysis of your site. We consider climate, soil, light levels and other factors that affect the growth and health of your lawn.

Design with Landscape in Mind: We create designs that integrate with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious blend of nature and human design.

Selecting Grass, Plants: We help you select the best varieties of lawn grass and plants based on their ability to grow in your area and on your property.

Irrigation Planning: We design irrigation systems based on your needs and water efficiency.

Considering Aesthetics: We strive to create a lawn that will delight you with its beauty and functionality. This includes choosing colors, shapes and textures to achieve the desired effect.

Budgeting: We develop a project taking into account your budget and provide you with clear estimates for each stage of work.

Project Delivery: Our team of specialists will create your lawn in accordance with the developed design, ensuring high quality and attention to detail.


Plant Supply: Quality Lawn Plants and Grass Mixtures

At Green Lawns Company, we make sure your lawn is supplied with high-quality lawn plants and grass mixtures. We provide a wide selection of plants specifically selected to create healthy, beautiful lawns.

Quality First: We work only with reliable suppliers offering high quality plants and grass mixtures. This provides a healthy start for your lawn.

Climate Suitable Varieties: We offer a variety of turfgrass varieties that are suitable for the climate conditions of your region. This is important to the long-term success of your lawn.

Mixes for Different Needs: We stock grass mixtures designed for different purposes, such as playing fields, ornamental lawns or tennis courts. You will be able to choose the right mixture for your project.

Consultations, Recommendations

Our specialists are ready to provide you with advice on choosing plants and grass mixtures, taking into account the goals of your project and the characteristics of your site.

Efficient Delivery: We guarantee reliable and efficient delivery of plants and grass mixtures directly to your site.

Post-Delivery Support: Our commitment to your lawn doesn't end after delivery. We are ready to provide you with recommendations on planting and caring for plants.

By purchasing plants and grass mixtures from us, you can be sure that your lawn will have a high-quality and healthy start. We are here to provide you with all the support and advice you need to ensure your lawn care project is a success and brings you many years of enjoyment.


Our values

Professionalism, Individual Approach, Quality, Care

We are proud of our high qualifications and experience. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of lawns and use advanced technologies and methods in their work.

We understand that each lawn is unique, and we develop individual solutions, taking into account the climatic and soil characteristics of each site.

Our goal is to create lawns that you will enjoy for many years. We provide quality construction and regular maintenance.

We are committed to preserving the environment and use environmentally sustainable methods and materials in our work.



It was an absolute pleasure to work with the company. They created a beautiful lawn design for our yard and provided quality plants. Our lawn looks well-groomed and beautiful! Thank you very much for your work! We would like to continue to cooperate with you.


I have long dreamed of a green lawn in front of my house, and the employees of this company made this dream a reality. They developed a project, selected the best grass mixtures and professionally laid out the lawn. Now we have an ideal place for picnics and relaxation.


The delivery of plants from the company was fast and flawless. The plants were fresh and healthy. They fit perfectly into our garden. Thanks for the great service! We plan to continue cooperation with you! We recommend your company and the services provided to everyone!

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